*SALE* 1930s bedside cabinet kit

This cabinet is part of a whole suite of 1930s bedroom furniture.  Whilst the design in typical of the 30s, it would also have been found in houses well into the 60s and even 70s.  The cabinet measures 1 1/4" (3.2 cm) wide, 1" (2.5 cm) deep and is 2 1/4" (6 cm) tall.  

The cabinets are available individually or as a pair.  

The whole suite is designed to be tinted or painted, though it can be left in plain wood and simply wax polished.   We have used a golden oak tint, but you can use whatever colour you wish - it would look good even darker too.  

NOTE that this is shown assembled but comes as a kit.   Other units are also available in the same series, see below. 

Reduced from £4.50 to £2.50 for one and £4.50 for 2

ProductsOur Price
Single bedside cabinet kit 2.87 €
Pair of bedside cabinet kits 5.16 €

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