*SALE* ELF 1/24th scale steel oven

1/24th (1/2") scale oven.  Real metal (aluminium).  This unit, appx 1 1/2" (4cms) wide, 1 1/2" (4cms) tall and 1" (2.5cms) deep can be used between units, or as an island oven, as it is finished in steel on all four sides.

Available with standard hob (1" (2.5cm)wide, leaving space either side) or wide hob (1 1/2" (3.7 cm) wide.  We would suggest the narrow hob for an island unit, and the wide hob as a standard placing between units.

Reduced from £20 to £15.

ProductsOur Price
Oven with standard hob£ 15.00
Oven with wide hob£ 15.00

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