1/24th bathroom unit w toilet and drawers

This unit comprises a vanity unit with blown glass bowl, additional cabinets and a back-to-the-wall toilet. The unit is offered in plain wood, with a choice of tops (see here).  Please note that although you can choose any of the avaialble tops, those with a smaller pattern (such as light granite, dark granite, black leathergrain or any of the plain colours, may be more suited to the scale). Please write your choice of top in the box below.

There is a choice of toilet, either a hand made porcelain one (as shown in the photo with black top), or the economy one in moulded plastic (in the photo with the pale blue top).  

The unit can be requested with the bowl to the left, as in the photo with the blue top, or to the right, as in the photo with the black top.  

Measures 4 1/4" (11 cm) wide. 7/8" (2.3 cm) deep and 1 1/4" (3.2 cm) high (without the bowl).

Please note, doors/drawers are fixed. 

If you would like the unit painted in the colour of your choice, please email us separately.

Please note there is a compact version of this unit available, see below.

Position of bowl    

Choice of top
ProductsOur Price
Unit with plastic toilet£ 29.50
Unit with porcelain toilet£ 60.00

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