1:16 Kitchens

We are introducing our new range 1:16 furniture with the VARI kitchen, a beautiful minimalist kitchen in 1/16th scale suitable for all 1/16th scale houses, but designed with the Emerson House in mind.

The kitchen comprises two sections, one intended to sit against a wall, the other an island with breakfast bar that can be placed parallel or at right angles to the main unit.  The main unit features a column oven, sensor hob (stove top) over drawers flanked by cupboards, with shallow wall units and a stunning oval minimalist extractor canopy.  The island has an underslung sink with a cupboard flanked by drawers.  (Please note that doors/drawers are fixed).

The exciting innovation with the VARI kitchen is the facility to change worktops at will. You can order new worktops whenever you wish, in a wide range of finishes, each with its own hob (stove top) already in place.  Perfect for those who like to change the settings for their photo shoots!  All you have to do is remove the tap (faucet), which slots in the pre-drilled hole, remove the existing tops (held in place with gripwax) and replace them with the new ones! Yes, it's that simple!

Available ready-built, the kitchen is also available in kit form at £45 for the complete kitchen, see below.


With thanks to Pamela E for her photo