1:16 scale Modesty screen

Semi-opaque "glass" screen, designed to screen off the area of the bathroom with the toilet.  If you are unable to find a suitable quality toilet for your bathroom, this screen offers the perfect solution.  You can use blocks of Balsa wood (or even cardboard) to create the profile of a modern toilet, then paint white (or use white hi-gloss film) and hide it with our Modesty screen.  It will give the effect of having a loo without compromising on the luxury appearance of your bathroom!

Supplied in two versions, one with a white frame, ready made, the other as a kit in light wood which can be tinted or painted to suit your decor.  Tint or paint the frame, and then glue it together, encasing the "glass". 

ProductsOur Price
Ready built with white frame£ 7.50
Kit in lightwood£ 7.50