This kitchen consists of our basic compact corner kitchen with the addition of a housing with fridge freezer.  The kitchen has fixed doors/drawers, with sink and built-in oven and hob, and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes with a choice of tops.  Choose here from our full range of plain colours (black, white and other finishes listed separately) or wood finishes. See the full range of worktops here, and write the name in the box provided. Note that plain colour finishes (on the second page of the chart) can also be used as worktops.  

The pack contains everything you need to make the kitchen as shown (base units and fridge housing), including the self-adhesive film AND THE READY BUILT FRIDGE (CHOICE OF SILVER OR WHITE). 

The basic unit measures 7 1/4" (18.5cms) on the side with the oven and 5 1/4" (13.5cms) on the side with the sink, and can be constructed with the corner to the left or right.  The fridge with its housing can be added to either end.  If you add it to the side with the oven, that side will then measure 9 1/2".  If you add it to the side with the sink, it will measure 7 1/2".  

There are coordinating wall units and island available for this kitchen (see below). We have shown one of the two 1-CLICK wall units designed for the compact corner kitchen.  This one is for the side with the oven (see here) and if you would like to add this, please order it separately. Alternatively, if you add the housing to the side with the sink, you may prefer to use the kit designed to fit over the sink section, see here.  Even if you do not wish to add wall units, you may wish to purchase an extractor fan kit (see below).  The kit is compatible with other EAZY kit wall units and ELF floating shelf kits. 

The kitchen is also available ready built, see below.

Colour for kitchen   

Colour for worktop
Our Price: £ 39.50

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