Bed with concealed lighting

This lightwood bed has a wide headboard with nightstands and concealed lighting in two recesses, one either side of the bed. The bed measures overall 7" (18cms) wide, 6 5/8" (17cms) long and the headboard is 3 1/8" (8cm) high.

It will take a standard 4" (10cm) by 6" (15cm) mattress.   

The bed is available as a kit or ready built.  Please note that mattress and bedding are NOT included, but can be purchased separately.  The ELF 1-2-3 covered mattress and range of double duvets are all suitable for use with this bed.  

Accessories not included but available separately. 

ProductsOur Price
Bed and headboard kit£ 16.50
Bed and headboard ready-made£ 45.00

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