Commercial Kitchens/Cafes

We offer a range of appliances and fittings for commercial kitchen settings.  Most of these are made to order and the specifications can be altered to suit your requirements.  If you would be interested in other items not listed, please contact us using the link above.

PLEASE NOTE, we now also produce a range of commercial appliances in 1:10 scale, mainly for film makers, and devotees of real miniature cooking (see here)

See a range of ELF appliances in the trailer for Zagat's popup cafe in New York


With thanks to Canta P for the photo of her kitchen.  She used the double commercial stove with its extractor canopy and pot rack, double chiller, sink unit with dishwasher, deep fat tryer, metal shelving (to order) and a custom prep table to create this bustling modern restaurant kitchen.  In addition we make custom items suitable for vintage hotel and catering scenes.  Please contact us for details.  

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