EAZY LIVING Base with steel legs

Available in 3 different depths, deep, standard and shallow so that you can add them to any combination of units, the bases are pre-drilled for the aluminium legs (included).  Units up to 5 1/2" have four legs, while those 6" and over have 6 legs.   

Please select the correct length, and then note the length of the units for which you want the base.  So, if for example you are making a unit with two 1 1/2" units and a 2" unit, you will need to order a base 5" long.  So choose Base up to 5 1/2", and then write "5 inches" in the box provided.  If you are making a unit with three 2" units, choose Base 6" and over, and write "6 inches" in the box.

Note the base is shown painted, but is supplied in lightwood.

Lenght of base required
ProductsOur Price
Deep base up to 5 1/2" £ 2.50
Standard base up to 5 1/2" £ 2.00
Shallow base up to 5 1/2" £ 2.00
Deep base 6" and over£ 3.50
Standard base 6" and over£ 3.00
Shallow base 6" and over£ 2.50

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