Available in 3 depths, deep, standard and shallow to co-ordinate with units of the different depths, the tops are supplied in lengths of 6" (15cm), 12" (30cm) and 18" (45cm).

Most units require a small overlap at either side, so you should add 1/4" (6mm) to the total width of the top and choose the correct length accordingly.  All tops can be cut to size, so order the next size up if necessary, and trim to fit.

Wardrobes all require deep tops.  Spanning units used between two wardrobes should be included in the calculation for the top that will span both wardrobes AND spanning unit, and the top should be a deep one.

The shallow shelving units if used alone require shallow tops.  Generally if you combine units of differing depths adjacent to each other, you should order the larger size top.

Remember that if you use units of different depths on top of each other, you will require a top for each.  So if you have standard depth short base units with shallow shelving above, you will need a standard top for the bottom section, and a shallow top for the top section. 


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