EAZY LIVING wardrobe with mirror doors (kit)

This kit comprises a double wardrobe, with two (fixed) mirror doors.  Available in two widths, 3" (7.5 cm) and 4" (10 cm).  Note that the total width is 1/4" (6mm) more than this, to allow for an overlap of the top, however this can be trimmed if necessary to fit the space.  

2" (5cm) deep and appx 6 3/8"" (16cm) high

Shown ready-built, ths unit is supplied as a kit.  Avaialble in two versions, one lightwood (jelutong), designed to be waxed and polished, or the paint version (lime wood) which can also be left plain if you wish, or you can paint it in any colour you choose, or completed with hi-gloss film - stunning in white!

Accessories not included, but available separately.


ProductsOur Price
Wardrobe in lightwood£ 15.00
Wardrobe - paint version£ 9.50