*LAST FEW* ELF Bathroom unit with toilet

This unit comprises a section with two doors and a vanity bowl (see below for choice of vanity bowl) and a section that provides housing for the toilet.  Also included are flush button, toilet roll holder (with paper) and towel ring.  Both these can be mounted on adjacent walls if you prefer (please choose below if you would prefer them supplied loose for you to fix).  The unit is supplied with a choice of tops - see here for the rull range, and then indicate your choice below.  Note that the unit can be arranged with the bowl to the left or the right.

The unit is supplied in lightwood and can be waxed or varnished, or finished as you please - paint, hi-gloss, or one of the wood effect films.   

Choice of vanity bowl:

  • Ridged round vanity with traditional tap
  • Ridged round vanity with modern chrome tap
  • Frosted glass vanity bowl with base-mounted tap
  • Clear glass vanity bowl with base-mounted tap
  • Hand-made white china vanity bowl with base-mounted tap

Measures 4 3/4" (12 cms) wide 1 1/2" (4cm) deep and is appx 2 3/8" tall (6cm) tall without the bowl.

The unit is also available as a kit, see below.  Please note that the doors do NOT open.

Toiletries not included but available separately.

Another unit is available if you wish to include both toilet and bidet with your unit - see below. 

Vanity top    Bowl position    Toilet roll holder and towel rail    

ProductsOur Price
Unit with traditional tap/faucet£ 27.80
Unit with chrome tap/faucet£ 29.65
Unit with frosted glass bowl and tap£ 28.30
Unit with clear glass bowl and tap£ 29.30
Unit with white china vanity and tap£ 30.30

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