ELF Contemporary glass staircase

ELF's contemporary glass staircase can be designed to suit a range of layouts.  The one shown in the photograph has one right-angled turn (we designed it for a Dollshouse Emporium "Lakeview" house. Note that you would need to cut a rectangular hole in the appropriate floor/ceiling to accomodate the stairs, but we can supply cutting requirements).  The stairs can also be designed for a single run, or a two-angled turn.  If your house already has holes pre-cut to accomodate stairs, please send us the details (if you can send us a photo this will help us to ask you which details we need you to supply - please ensure your photo is not more than 1Mb).  If you would like to adapt your house to accomodate our stunning stairway, please contact us (at elfminiatures@yahoo.co.uk) to discuss your plans.  

The guide price for a one-angled flight of stairs similar to the one shown is £70 (this includes a glass banister rail for the upper floor) with wood supports. A straight run, depending on the details, would be less.  The stairs are supplied ready-assembled with full instructions for fitting.  

Designs can be varied on request, and prices may vary.  

PLEASE NOTE we will need to contact you regarding your staircase, so if you write to us, please check your spam/junk mail for replies - we ALWAYS reply to emails so if you write, we WILL reply!