ELF Double Duvet set - biscuit with red/black

New "posable" duvet and pillows set.  Duvet measures appx 6" (15cms) square, pillows appx 1 1/4" (3cms) by 2 1/4" (6cm).  This set is double sided, one side is a dark biege with red and black highlights and you can choose plain red or black for the reverse side. 

This bedding can be "posed" in different ways as shown in the photos to create realistic lived-in bedroom scenes. 

Note bottom sheet not included, but can ordered separately - see below.

ProductsOur Price
Ready-made, black reverse£ 12.50
Kit, black reverse£ 7.50
Ready-made, red reverse£ 12.50
Kit, red reverse£ 7.50

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