Kitchens (1:24)

We make 1/24th scale dolls house kitchens and a range of appliances for them too.  Choose custom built kitchens or our new 1:24 kitchen kits.  For details of custom-built kitchens, download the 24th Kitchen supplement and either print it out, or open up another window in your browser, so that you can read it in conjunction with our main Bespoke Kitchen Catalogue. You may also wish to check out the Additional Details - just ignore the price list at the beginning (24th prices are in the Supplement) and choose from the wide range of worktops available, choosing those which are more uniform or have smaller patterns more suitable for this scale.   If you would like help designing your kitchen, please send us an email.  

NOTE that we are down-sizing from April 2019, and will no longer be stocking 1:24 items.  As a result of this move, we have reduced the prices on the remaining items, and once they are sold, they will not be replaced.  So take a look and pick up a bargain or two!  

Please click on item title or photo wihtin the listings for more information and further details.

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