SIMPLY SIXTEENTH 'glass' worktop

These worktops are available in a wide choice of colours - see below - and MUST be ordered pre-cut.  We therefore need a copy of your kitchen plan in order to ensure the correct lengths.  We will also cut the hole required for the sink if this is included in your plan*.  You can upload your plan below, or email it to us at Also includes plinth (kickboard) for finishing the base units. 

Prices are per 6" or part thereof, but note that we can supply worktops in lengths up to 18".  If for example you have a run of units 8" long, and another 7", you will need to order three tops, but one will be 7" long and the other 8" long. 

Note these worktops are 1 1/2" (3.8cms) deep, but if you need a top for an island we can supply this in one piece.  We have several island options listed separately, but if you have other requirements, please contact us with your plan

*The hole needs to be accurately cut as the sink is an underslung version, and this is almost impossible to do in this material without a fret saw.


Your kitchen plan
ProductsOur Price
Top up to 6" long£ 5.00
Top up to 12" long£ 9.00
Top up to 18"£ 13.50