SIMPLY SIXTEENTH integrated fridge

This unit is 2" (5cms) wide and 5 5/8" (14.3cm) tall, and can be combined with other column units to great effect.   The kit includes two upper doors that should be completed to co-ordinate with your other units, two steel fridge doors, and an aeration panel.  Note that handles are included for panelled units only.  If you wish to add handles to plain doors you should purchase these separately. Handles for the fridge section ARE included for both versions.

If you are making a panelled kitchen, you should select the panelled option.  If one or both sides of a  panelled unit will be visible, you should choose the option with panelling and we will include strips to panel the side/s to match your units.

The unit can be left in natural wood, painted in the colour of your choice, or, for the plain version,  finished with hi-gloss plastic film (if you have dificulty obtaining this, we can supply it).

Please note that the unit is shown ready built, but is supplied in kit form.

Handles for upper double cupboard (panelled only)   

ProductsOur Price
Standard unit, plain doors£ 7.50
Standard unit, panelled doors£ 10.00