SIMPLY SIXTEENTH kit base worktop

Supplied as an 14" (35.5cms) length, can be cut to size.  Please indicate your choice of finish see here.  Also includes plinth (kickboard) for finishing the base units. 

If your plan includes a sink, we will cut the hole for you if you wish (including drilling the hole for the tap (faucet).  The hole needs to be accurately cut as the sink is an underslung version, and this is extremely difficult to to without a fret saw, so we stronly recommend you include this service. For us to cut the hole, we need a copy of your plan, or detailed information about its position and the units on either side.  You can upload your plan below or send it to us at

Worktop design   

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ProductsOur Price
Basic top£ 3.00
Top with hole for sink£ 5.00