*SALE* 1:16 Clear glass vanity bowl

Blown-glass vanity bowl (by Ray Storey) with metal plughole. Create your own unit, even a simple shelf, and add an ELF vanity tap/faucet for a chic modern bathroom.

Approximately 1 1/8" (3cms) across, but please note that as these are individually blown, sizes and form can vary a little (ie some are wider and shallower, others deeper and narrower).

Available singly or in matching pairs.  Note that no two bowls are identical, but we match bowls very carefully so they match as closely as possible both in height, width and thickness. 

Reduced from £5.50 to £4.00 for one, from 10.00 to £7.50 for two

ProductsOur Price
Single clear glass bowl£ 4.00
Twin pack clear glass bowl£ 7.50