*SALE - LAST FEW* ELF Duvet set, single -Blue cherries

New "posable" duvet and pillows set.  This set is double sided, one side is an all over print of tiny cherries in turquoise and blue on white, the reverse a bright turquoise blue. 

This bedding can be "posed" in different ways as shown in the photos to create realistic lived-in bedroom scenes. 

Single duvet measures appx 4 3/4" (12cms) wide and 6" (15cm) long, pillow appx 1 1/4" (3cms) by 2 1/4" (6cm) - 1 pillow. 

Covered mattress available - see below

Single kit reduced from £7.00 to £3.00, ready-made from £10.50 to £7.95

ProductsOur Price
Single duvet - blue cherries - kit 3.44 €
Single duvet - blue cherries - ready made 9.12 €

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