1:24 Built in espresso maker

The built in espresso maker can be fitted to either a 1" (2.5cm) wall unit or in a 1" (2.5 cm) column.  It measures 1" (2.5 cm) wide,  13/16" (2 cm) high and is 7/16" (1.2 mm) deep (it requires an interior cabinet depth of 3/8" (1 cm).  

Available on its own for you to use in your own units, or with a standard 1" wall unit (note the espresso machine is ready bulit, while the unit is in kit form), which includes an upper door that you can complete to match your other doors.  You can if you wish leave the cupboard open at the top, without a door.  

ProductsOur Price
1:24 Built in espresso - no unit£ 12.50
1:24 built in espresso - with wall unit£ 14.50