1:24 Mirrors, choice of size and shape

A selection of mirrors of varying shapes and sizes, from 1/2" diameter round mirror to a 3/4" square mirror.  Made of real glass. 

These mirrors can be used in every room in the house.  Perfect for the bathroom - a round one over a the vanity unit looks very chic.  Or why not put three square ones in a row (horizontal or vertical) as a form of wall art? Use them in the hall - try four square ones arranged in a square.  The possibilities are endless!

ProductsOur Price
1/2" square (1.2 cm)£ 0.85
3/4" square (2cm)Out of Stock
1" round (2.5cm)Out of Stock
1/2" round (1.25 cm)Out of Stock
2" by 1 1/2" oval (5cm by 3.75cm)Out of Stock
1" by 3/4" oval (2.5cm by 2cm)Out of Stock
3/4" round (2 cm)£ 0.95