This kitchen has fixed combination doors/drawers, with a single sink and drainer (the worktop is supplied with the hole pre-cut for the sink).  The kitchen should be painted in the colour of your choice, and is available with a choice of tops.  Choose from our standard range of tops (see the full range here) or choose one of our own retro tops - see photo.  Note that some tops are more suited to this period than others.  Large scale granites and marbles are generally less suitable, whilst others with speckle effects such as light granite, dark granite, and sandstone are ideal, as are any of the plain colours, and of course our own range of retro tops.  Please write the name in the box provided.   Note that Hi-gloss finishes (on the second page of the chart) can also be used as worktops. In addition we have a matt white top (seen in the photo of the blue kitchen below).  Small aluminium "D" handles are included as standard.    

The pack contains everything you need to make the kitchen as shown, with the exception of the oven/stove. We stock a range of suitable free-standing ovens, and these can be purchased separately. The Delph eye-level grill cooker is perfect for this period, as is the 1950s stove shown in both white and red.  

The unit measures 6 3/4" (17 cms) on the side with the sink, and  6 3/4" (17 cms) on the other side, however you should add the width of your chosen oven to this measurement.  For instance, the Delph oven with eye-level grill is 2" (5cms) wide, so the total length would be 8 3/4" (22.2 cms). The kitchen can be constructed with the sink to the left or right.  

This kit can be combined with our 1950s wall unit kit (shown in the photos) and is also compatible with other EAZY kit wall units. 

The kitchen is also available ready built, see below.

Colour for worktop
Our Price: £ 31.50

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