1-CLICK KIT - Wall units (OPENING) for Corner Compact kitchen.

This wall unit kit is designed specifically to accompany our corner Compact kitchen, and is an alternative to the fixed door version.The units measure 7 1/4" (18.5cms) long and includes the extractor. 

Choose here from our full range of plain colours (black, white and other finishes listed separately) or wood finishes.

The pack contains everything you need to make the wall units as shown, including the extractor fan and self-adhesive film for the units.  

Please note that if you purchased your base units PRIOR TO JUNE 2014, please let us know because the units are slightly different from the later ones, and we can send you the correct units for YOUR kitchen.  You can either email us or leave a message on the page where you enter your details at checkout. 

Colour for wall units   

Our Price: £ 17.50

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