12v Bulb - grain of rice/wheat

These bulbs are available in two sizes. 

The tiny (2mm x 6.5mm) grain of rice bulbs with long (20" or 500mm) wires are perfect for adding lights to kitchens - plinths (kickboards), countertop lighting (add a small "pelmet" of wood, a dab of glue to hold the wire, connect to your 12v system, and you have concealed countertop lighting!) or bathrooms. 

The larger grain of wheat bulbs, with 0.8mm round wire and 250mm long tails, give out a slightly stronger light (they are 50ma instead of 30ma) are great for making your own lamps, or where size is not an issue.  (Though even these bulbs are relatively smal)l.

Use the small ones to light up your opening oven - make a tiny hole in the back, and add one of these bulbs.  So many uses - let your imagination go wild!

ProductsOur Price
Single grain of rice bulb$ 1.62
Single grain of wheat bulb$ 1.62
Set of 3 grain of rice bulbs$ 4.65
Set of 3 grain of wheat bulbs$ 4.65