1950's kitchens

By the 1950's fitted kitchens were fairly widespread, and in many respects they resembled those of today.  When creating a 1950's kitchen there are one or two key features that you can incorporate, which will immediately place your room in the right decade.  Most base units had both a drawer and a door.  We have recently introduced into our EAZY kit range this 1950's combination in the 1 1/2" (4.5cm) and 2" (5 cm) sizes. - again, most doors in the 1950's were smaller than some of those in modern kitchens.  Use these on all or most of your base units, choosing either knobs or small aluminium D handles.

The wall units often sloped back towards the bottom, and had sliding figured glass doors.  ELF have introduced a 1950's wall unit kit.  Add one or two to your design for the perfect 1950s look!

Finally, colour is very important.  Yellow was very popular, as was light green.  Sometimes frames and doors would be painted in one colour, and the drawers in another - burgundy doors with white drawers for example.

Few kitchens had built-in ovens, so we suggest the cooker with the eye-level grill (in Appliances) or you could use the economy 1950s oven. as Narrell did in her American diner kitchen You might also like to add a free-standing fridge. 


With thanks to Janet B for her photos.

You can make a kitchen similar to the one in the photo using ELF EAZY kits.  For the sink unit, select one 6" (15cm) base unit, four of the new combination door/drawers, a single sink and drainer with mixer tap, and the worktop of your choice (bearing in mind what was popular in the 1950s' - the light granite in the photo is perfect).

You can finish creating the look by adding one (or more) of the new 1950's wall unit kits.


In America the 1950's brought the American Diner look into the domestic environment.  Narrell already had some existing units in white, so she used ELF combination fronts on an EAZY base and rounded all the doors and drawers to match her existing units to complete her kitchen.  She also added a couple of ELF 1950's wall units, and used bright red in her decor and accessories for the perfect 1950's American Diner kitchen!

Narrell kitchen.jpg

With thanks to Narrell B for her photo

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