BATHROOMS - ELF shows you how

We have created two very different bathrooms to give you an idea of what can be achieved in a relatively small space.  Below we tell you how we did them, but first, take a look.


Click on any highlighted word to see full details of any particular item.  This bathroom in chic black and fuchsia, measures just 6 1/4" (16cms) by 9" (23cms) deep, and includes a doorway for greater realism.  We started by painting the walls with plain matt white household acrylic paint, which will give a durable finish.  We then used black marble tiling for the floor and shower area.  The shower is the new shower kit by ELF, great for creating a wet room shower anywhere!  We used one of the rails from the set of towel rails to create the contemporary rail on the shower screen.  The remaining pieces from the set are the long rail at the back of the room (with the towelling robe - complete with slippers) the ring by the vanity unit, and the loo roll holder (not visible in the photos).  

The vanity unit is an ELF Vibrant vanity unit in bright pink (other colours and a matching tub are available). We've used a simple mirror above the unit, and placed a couple of items on the ledge - liquid soap, a jar of cotton balls and a comb and the styling brush (available from Delph Miniatures) which is sitting on the shelving unit

The stunning chrome and glass units are available in two versions, either of which would be perfect in any bathroom (and if you have a large room, you can use more than one to great effect). The toilet in the photo is unfortunately no longer available, but we have a range of other toilets (just put "toilet" into the search facility on the right hand side of the website) and we have placed a new pack of toilet tissue on the cistern.


The second bathroom is very different  -


This bathroom creates an air of calm relaxation and despite only being 8"(20cm) wide and 9" (23cms) deep, seems more spacious than it is.  We built a shallow false back wall, and created a small niche to hold a set of tea lights that illuminate the room with a soft glow.  We used sandstone flooring on both walls and floor to give a harmonious feel to the whole room, and created a luxurious sunken bath, with shallow steps leading up to it.  The bath in the photo is no longer available, but the same effect can be created with our acrylic bath.   The toilet in the photo is no longer available, but we have other toilets available. 

The vanity unit is a bespoke unit with the addition of a bowl by Carol Mann, and we have other vanity units (both in kit form and readybuilt)  that would be suitable. We've added one or two accessories to complete the look.   


Take a look at the wide range of bathroom furniture and accessories on the website, and look through the slideshows and photographs for inspiration - if you need any help or further information, please contact us using the link at the top of the page.