Bespoke bedrooms


ELF dollhouse bespoke bedrooms are individually designed to suit the space you have available and to reflect the style of the house, and your taste - or that of the occupants!

Below are two very different dolls house bedrooms.  On the left Jane Hunt wanted a romantic feel for her room, which has a sense of old-fashioned opulence: she chose classic fitted wardrobes and a dressing table to match, and with the fitted interiors, there is plenty of room for all those clothes!  On the right, Lynette Holmes chose sleek modern classic doors with real mirrors which reflect the carefully chosen accessories that complete her stylish room.



For full details of our bespoke fitted bedrooms see here. If you would like us to design a bedroom for your dollhouse, just send us an email outlining your requirements.  The service is free and without obligation.

For our other free-standing bedroom furniture, see separate Bedroom Furniture link on the left.