We at ELF take customer service seriously.  We want you to be happy with your purchases, and our service starts before you even receive your order. 

If we look at your order, and think you may have ordered incorrectly, we don't just send your parcel out and hope for the best.  We try to contact you and check that everything is correct.  For instance, if have ordered an oven in the wide version, but an extractor in the standard size, we try to contact you and check that you intended to order different sizes or whether you didn't notice you'd chosen the wrong one. Either way, we can ensure you receive the right thing, saving you time and money. (For this reason, we ask you to check your spam/junk box for a couple of days after placing an order in case we have tried to contact you, and our email has been filtered out by anti-spam mechanisms). 

We also check all kit orders to see if you have ordered the right items (it is easy to miss something out, or order two of something you only needed one of).  If we think you could have saved money by making a small adjustment, we will suggest it to you, make the adjustments to your order and refund the excess. 

We try to make postal charges reflect the actual cost of sending your parcel, but all automated systems have anomalies.  Size and weight both affect the cost of sending items, and sometimes the amount you are charged is rather more than the actual cost.  In these cases, we refund you the excess; you don't have to ask us, we just do it, and then we send you an email to tell you we've done it.  Of course, if your parcel costs more to send than the amount you have been charged, we pay the difference.

All our kits are supplied with instructions (or we email the instructions to you separately), but if you need us, we are always available to offer guidance. And if you do make a  mistake, and just need the odd part replaced, we will be happy to send it, without you needing to re-order the whole unit. 

Sometimes when you receive an order, there may be something that doesn't look quite as you imagined it to look, or perhaps it doesn't quite fit where you wanted it to go.  Don't worry.  We offer a no-quibble exchange or refund for any item that you wish to return (please note this applies to everything except special commissions) provided you return it in the condition in which it was supplied and within one month of purchase.  If the item is faulty, we will also refund the return postal charges (but please contact us BEFORE you make the return, to arrange the details). 

If you wish to make a larger purchase - perhaps a ready built fully fitted kitchen - but would like to spread the cost, please contact us, as we can arrange for you to pay in installments in amounts and at intervals to suit YOU, dispatching the items when you have completed your payments.  

Last, but not least, we offer free planning advice for both kitchens and bathrooms.  Send us the measurements and give us an idea of what you would like, and we will draw up plans and quotes for you.  For full details of the planning service, just contact us through the website or email