EAZY horizontal wall unit, extra lge, plain doors

This unit is7" (12.5cms) or  8" (15cms) wide and comes complete with doors.  The 7" version has two 2" (5cms) doors and one 3" (7.5cms) door, and the 8" version has two 3" (7/5cms) doors and one 2" door (please choose plain or panelled).  Both versions are available with oval extractor kit to complete as shown in the photograph. Please choose 2" (5cms) or 3" (7.5cms) version according to the layout you have chosen.  

These units are only 1 1/4" high, and designed to have handles placed horizontally.  Choose handles to match the rest of your units.

Please note that the unit is shown ready built, but is supplied in kit form.

Size of unit    Handles    Extractor size (if applicable)   

ProductsOur Price
Wall unit, plain doors£ 5.50
Wall unit, plain, with extractor £ 7.50