EAZY kitchen kit base ex-large

This unit is available in two widths, 7" ((17.5cms) or 8" (20cms) wide and is designed to be completed with door and drawer fronts, oven panels etc (purchase separately*).  Please note that the unit is shown ready built, but is supplied in kit form.

Units can be polished or varnished for a natural wood finish, or painted in the colour of your choice, or alternatively you can complete them using one of the hi-gloss or wood effect films we supply (See separate listings - search for film). 

*The 7" unit requires two 2" (5cms) and two 1 1/2" (4cms) fronts, or two 2" (5cms)and one 3" (7.5cms), while the 8" unit requires one 2" front and four 1 1/2" (or two 3" fronts) or four 2" fronts.  

If you are using panelled doors, and the side/s of this unit will be seen, usually at the end of a run near the opening of the house, or near a doorway, please order end panels separately (we supply strips to panel the sides of your unit to match the doors) PLEASE NOTE, sides that will be next to either an oven/AGA, or appliances, do not require panelling.  Units with PLAIN doors do not require additional side panels. 

Shown assembled, but supplied as a kit


Our Price: £ 6.00