EAZY plain drawer fronts

Available in two widths, 1 1/2" (4cms) and 2" (5cms).  The doors are supplied in either Lime wood or Jelutong.  Jelutong is more expensive but gives a lovely golden hue if you wish to leave your units in natural wood (we advise polishing with wax to enhance the colour of the wood).  If you wish to use film (we stock a wide range of hi-gloss and wood effect films) or paint your units, we suggest the cheaper Lime, and if you wish to use a wood dye, we strongly advise the Lime as it has a less obvoius grain and takes dye/tint better than Jelutong. Price includes handles (please state preference) 

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ProductsOur Price
Lime wood (see above)£ 2.00
Jelutong (see above)£ 3.00