EAZY wall unit, large

This unit is available in three widths, 5" (12.5 cm), 5 1/2" (13.7 cm)or 6" (15 cm) and should be completed with doors to correspond with the base units.   

Units can be polished or varnished for a natural wood finish, or painted in the colour of your choice, or alternatively you can complete them using one of the hi-gloss or wood effect films we supply (See separate listings - search for film). 

Remember to order a continuous wall unit top separately, to unite all your wall units.

If you are using panelled doors, and the side/s of this unit will be seen, usually at the end of a run near the opening of the house, or near a doorway, please remember to order side panels separately. PLEASE NOTE that if you are putting a shelf between two wall units, those sides do not require panelling.

Please note that the unit is shown ready built, but is supplied in kit form.


ProductsOur Price
Lime wood (see above)£ 4.00
Jelutong finish (see above)£ 4.75