EAZY worktop - real hardwood

PLEASE NOTE - the standard range of EAZY Worktops is available here (or see below) The tops in this listing are available in two different lengths, 12" (30cms) and 18" (45cms), both of which can be cut to size.  The EAZY hardwood worktops also include continuous plinth (kickboard) required to complete your EAZY units (If you do not require the plinths, and only need the worktop, please order from the listing here instead).  Please note that it can be difficult to cut the hole for a sink in some of these hardwood tops, and we offer a cutting service for these.  (If you wish to take advantage of this, you need to email your plan to us at elfminiatures@hotmail.co.uk, or explain exactly where you want the hole cut). 

The tops are available as follows:

1) Lime wood - suitable if you wish to use wood dye, or paint your own faux-marbre effect.  These tops are easy to cut with a craft knife.  Recommended for our EAZY kits

2) Lightwood (jelutong).  This wood gives a beautiful light golden finish, and is easy to cut with a knife - recommended for our EAZY kits.  We suggest finishing with a good wax polish (instructions provided in manual).

3) Mahogany, cherry and walnut.  All of these tops are very hard, and require a fret saw (preferable electric) for cutting holes, though you can make straight cuts with a regular razor saw or a good knife).  For all these tops, if you require a hole cut, please choose that option, and then send us the details of where the hole should be cut. 

4) Limed oak.  These are very hard and if you need a hole for the sink see instructions above for other hard woods. In addition, so that the tops have the limed finish at the ends as well as across the top and front edge, we prepare these individually to order. We therefore need to know the precise sizes of each top you require (for example you may require one top 7" long, another 51/2" with a hole for the sink, and another 3", all cut from your 18" length. Remember too that worktops at the end of a run (unless they are to adjoin a wall) requre a small overlap, so although your units measure for example 7" (18 cms) your top should be just under 7 1/8" (17.3cms) long.  Therefore please email us at elfminiatures@hotmail.co.uk to discuss details before we dispatch your order. 

Examples of all finishes can be seen by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE that other EAZY worktops are listed separately, see below.

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