ELF extractor for island


This steel and glass extractor is designed for use over a centre island.  The column is clad on all four sides and the extractor grill and chimney are centred.  It is designed to be glued to the ceiling over an island, and needs to be the correct height.

To calculate the height you need, subtract 6" (15cms) from the height of your room - this allows for the extractor to sit 3" above the island.  (For instance, if your ceiling is 8 3/4", then you should order the extractor 2 3/4" high. If you have a very low ceiling (less than 7 1/2") then subtract only 5 1/2" (So if your ceiling is 7 1/4" high, order the extractor 1 3/4" high).  Please note the height of the extractor you require in the box provided. 

Height required
Our Price: £ 10.00