ELF kitchen kits (opening)

Our original ELF dollhouse kitchen kits offer a wide range of units, all with opening doors, drawers, etc.  The units are available in a variety of sizes, and a choice of door styles. There is a wide choice of worktops including true laminates, various natural woods, and a range of other finishes, both matt and gloss.

NEW!  We have introduced  a range of standard kitchens with opening doors, including our popular compact straight and compact corner kitchen kits - see here.

For a fully bespoke look we advise you look at our planning brochure which gives full details of all the units available and advice on planning your kitchen.  If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Our planning service is free and without obligation.

Given the nature of these kits, and the necessity for preparing worktops and some other items individually to order, we suggest you email us with your plans, and we can liaise with you in preparing your order.  You can then make payment by Paypal, or directly with your credit card (or, in the UK, by BACS or personal cheque)

The photos below give a glimpse of the versatility of ELF kits and show what can be achieved when you combine ELF kits with YOUR imagination! With thanks to everyone who gave permission for us to use their photos.  If you have a photo of your ELF kit kitchen and would like us to add it here, please send us an email with the photo.