Coloured film for ELF kitchen kits

Self-adhesive plastic film for hi-gloss and matt finishes on ELF kitchens.  Supplied in pieces 12" (30cms) x 18" (45cms).  One piece will be sufficient  for an entire SIMPLY SIXTEENTH Kitchen.  Two pieces will cover the average EAZY kitchen.  For very large kitchens, or if you would like extra in case of errors (though the film is very easy to use, and we supply both instructions for use, and advice on dividing up the sheet for your FLEXI or EAZY kits) order an extra piece.

In addition to the gloss colours shown, black and white are also available.

Wood effect finishes are also available, see below

PLEASE NOTE - this item cannot be included in the small items reduced shipping charge, as it requires a long box. 


Our Price: £ 1.50

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