Joanne has created this beautiful Lakeview house, with its open vaulted ceiling and clever use of wood cladding. For the kitchen, Joanne used ELF EAZY kits with panelled doors and asked us to make a single version in kit form,  of our popular Deluxe opening range.  We love how she has styled this room, and the way she has lit the extractor - note the detail of the two little control "knobs" on the front of the column! 

Joanne also used ELF EAZY kits to create her bedroom units, adding a sumptious bed and hand-painted art works by her father.   Her en-suite, though quite narrow, makes full use of the space and feels very luxurious.   The small bathroom too, though really tiny, again makes great use of the space and doesn't stint on luxury.  

We love what Joanne has created in the main room - the fireplace looks so real, you want to pull up a chair and sit in front of it!  And of course, more or Joanne's father's beatiful artworks - we can see from whom she gets her talents!  

With thanks to Joanne P for her photos.