Jewellery for Phicen TB League Doll

This tiny 4 leaf clover has been attached to a thin gold chain to make a beautiful necklace for your Phicen.
I have soldered the parts using Jewellery soldering techniques to make it sit nicely on your doll.

💚Colour: Choose white or black and write in the white box down below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

💚Length: Approx 2.5cm long.

💚Set: Bracelet coming soon. Message me if you’d like a matching set.

💚Fit: I recommend putting this necklace on your doll with her head off, to prevent snagging or damaging the necklace or your doll.

This is a dollshouse collectors item, it is not intended for children’s play. As these parts are fragile, please handle with care.

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