Our dollhouse kitchens are justifiably renowned worldwide.  They have appeared in leading publications around the world, and featured on TV and radio (see MEDIA).

We make kitchens to suit everone, from our 1-Click Compact kitchen kit - a complete kitchen from just £27.50 - to one-off bespoke kitchens that grace some of the finest dollhouses in the world.  The photos below show some of the kitchens that we have built, or that our clients have built using our kits.  If you would like an overview of the range of kitchens we can supply, please click here  (link will open in a new window) 

Here you will find all the information you need about our bespoke ranges, our standard kits  and the latest EAZY kits and 1-Click kits.  There are also components for DIY'ers, and complete kitchens ready to slot into your house and personalise with your favourite accessories.

Please use the links on the left to find what you want easily.

We make both readybuilt and kit kitchens in opening and fixed versions. Read here about the pros and cons of opening versus fixed.  You can then follow the links on the left (or for mobile users, click on MENU again) for bespoke kitchens (opening or fixed) and Standard kits (opening), EAZY or 1-CLICK kits (fixed)

Thank you to everyone who allowed us to use their photos. 

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