I have decided to retire at the end of March 2022.  At that point, ELF will cease to trade, and I will no longer be making miniatures.  If you have been thinking of having an ELF kitchen for example, this may be a good time to do it!  I will continue taking orders for the next few months bu if I receive a large number of orders, I will stop taking orders before March (though the webiste will remain as long as stocks of ready made items remain).  

We have introduced two new 1960s/1970s kitchen kits.  Both have integral handles in a choice of finish, typical of that time. One has a column oven and a new solid plate hob, the other is designed for a free-standing oven.  Both available either ready-built or as kits.



See how ELF has helped two people receive prizes in the annual Creatin' Contest.  (Click on First Time Entrants link). Kathryn and Michelle both used ELF kitchens in their projects.  Well done to both of them, and the other winners.


We have introduced a  compact kitchen, available both ready-built and in kits.  If you thought you couldn't afford an ELF kitchen - think again!  This one can be made for as little as £24.50, and if you feel like treating yourself to the ready-built version it's less than £50! 

We've also added an island - these can be used with the compact kitchens, or you can order them to match or complement your exisiting kitchen - at only £9.50 for the kit, complete with hi-gloss or wood effect film, it won't break the bank! 


 The kitchen pictured on the left is in cinnamon oak, a lovely textured finish, with the new silver watermark worktop, while the one on the right is in black hi-gloss with matching worktop.