Sally has created a truly original house. She asked us to create a kitchen for her playboy house owner.  She says of her Lake View House:

"The Lake View house party is in full swing. Caterers in the kitchen are preparing all manner of food and the hall is full of wine & beer bottles! At the same time a neighbour has come round to offer to take the dogs for a walk.
Upstairs the host, Alex Strong (no shoes, leather waistcoat & camouflage trousers) is greeting the latest guest, Elvira, a rather magnificent Heidi Ott girl just coming up the stairs.  Alex is a wildlife photographer of some note (aka the real Adrian Stern of the Pangolin Men fame) and you will see his photos around the house. Gifts are stacked in the dining area.
You’ll note that it’s a far from tidy house!
I’m a sucker for realistic animals & the Borzoi was irresistible".  I think we can agree on that - he's beautiful!  

With thanks to Sally P for her photos.