Apart from all the standard items we produce, we also undertake a variety of comissions.  Many of our standard units are available in a variety of finishes and can be customised to suit your requirements.

kirstyshopshelves.jpgKirsty decided our media panels were perfect for her department store, but part of the shop was to be in the sloping roof space, so she asked if we could make some additional shelves to fit her loft space. This unit (below) houses the shoe department, while the media panels show off Kirsty's handbag collection (right)



Sometimes you need something very specific.  Holly B had a unit in her own kitchen which she had up-cycled, and wanted to reproduce in miniature.  She sent us a photo (see below left) and we were able to create something very similar (see right).  You can also just see the miniature sitting on top of the original in the left hand photo.  Thank you to Holly B for her photo.

hollysunit.jpg  hollyisland2.jpg

Another client needed a commercial-style chiller to fit a space under the back counter in her pub setting.  She sent us photos of the sort of thing she wanted, and measurements of the space in which it had to fit.  We were able to provide photos to show how we would complete the interior, and gave her a quote for the piece.  You can see the result below.  Carol added an interior light, which brings the whole piece to life (with thanks to Carol for her photo).  


Another client sent us photographs of some units she wanted for her Clearview House and you can see a couple of them here (with thanks to Linda G for permission to use her photos.)

Marilyn O wanted to re-create a scene from one of her favourite movies, "Chocolat", and needed to reproduce the doorway at the back of the shop.  We created a kit, adapted from our EAZY series, and Marilyn tinted it and added the vintage fabric curtains - the effect is very authentic!
With thanks to Marilyn O for her photo

Miniatures aren't necesarily confined to the house.  One of our clients was making an urban scene and needed a park bench, so we produced the one in the photo.  The frame is "concrete" and the slats are wood, which could also be left in natural or painted in another colour.
If you would like us to make something special for you, please send us an email outlining your requirements. We are happy to consider requests for any item of modern furniture, and will supply plans and quotes, always without obligation. 

 For a leaflet about our bespoke kitchens, see here