Steel splashback for hob/stove

This splashback is real aluminium, and is available in 4 widths, 2" (5 cm) 3" (7.5 cm), 3 1/2" (9cms) and 5" (12.5 cm).  The two smaller sizes are suited to our standard 2" and 3" hobs, while the larger sizes are for use with our two sizes of range, standard and large.  All splashbacks are 2 1/2" 6.5 cm) high, and designed to sit under the "glass" of an extractor if desired.  They can be shortened if necessary (score and split off excess).

if you need a specific size, please order the nearest size, and add a note to your order (on the page where you enter your details during checkout) with the exact size you need.    

ProductsOur Price
2"£ 0.75
3"£ 0.75
3 1/2"£ 0.75
5"£ 0.95