The face behind ELF

My name is Elizabeth LePla.  I set up ELF Miniatures nearly 25 years ago, specialising in high quality modern furniture.  ELF grew and in 2010 my sister joined me to take over all the administrative work.  We moved to a house which allowed us to expand our range, and over the next few years we exhibited at the Kensington Dolls House Festival and at Miniatura at the NEC, and through our website reached collectors throughout the world.  ELF kitchens can be found in dolls houses from North America to South Africa, from Hong Kong to Helsinki.  

In 2019 we took the decision to "downsize".  My sister retired from ELF to pursue her own interests, and I decided to reduce the range of items I produce, now specialising solely in kitchens and bathrooms, allowing me time to dedicate to other things.  


In September 2017 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  I weighed over 14 stone (nearly 200 lbs or 90 kg) and my doctor advised me to start medication to treat the condition.  However, I had read over the previous months that it was possible to put Type 2 diabetes in remission by making dietary changes, so I went off and did some research, and decided to follow Dr Michael Mosely's 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet.  In three months I lost 3 stone (42 lbs or nearly 20 kg) and my Hba1c (the marker for diabetes) went down from 68 to 35 (anything over 48 classifies as diabetic, under 42 is non-diabetic).  

During this period I joined various social media support groups, and ultimately was introduced to the, a national charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.


I am proud to represent the PHC in my local area, having become one of a team of voluntary PHC Ambassadors up and down the UK, and in this capacity I now run Low Carb Lifestyle courses at three local doctors' surgeries. We have already had early successes with 11 out of 16 participants who started the course last summer with a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetes, now having put their Type 2 in remission.  Most have been able to either stop medication or are in the process of reducing them (under the supervision of their doctor).  

We are now starting our second "round" of the course, with the aim of enabling others to regain their health by making healthy lifestyle changes.  

For anyone who is interested in exploring these options, there are several websites that you may find helpful:

The 8 week Blood Sugar Diet 

Diet Doctor

Ditch the Carbs

Ice Cold Chef

Freshwell Low Carb is the website of one GP practice that has adopted a Low Carb approach for all their patients.

If you would like YOUR doctor to offer low carb options, suggest they contact the PHC to find an Ambassador who will help them to set up a Low Carb Group (for UK).