Unusual projects

Not all the kitchens we make are destined for a house. 

Sophia was updating a patisserie in a room box.  The existing pine units were good quality, but she felt they didn't reflect the reality of a modern commercial space.  We are all famiiliar with the gleaming easy-clean surfaces in stainless steel that are the trademark of all modern food preparation areas, from the local take-away to a school canteen.  So Sophia embarked on a re-make.  ELF made a "bank" of units with a sink and dishwasher, with open steel shelves above.  We supplied the aluminium sheet so that Sophia could update the existing oven and walk-in chiller door, and we made a steel table to sit in the centre of the room ready for the cake decorating.  The space now cleverly combines a clean modern look with the traditional air of a local patisserie. 


Sue wrote to us with plans for the caravan she was building, asking for help with the kitchen, which would occupy the centre space on one side of the caravan.  It needed to be compact but include all the features found in any mobile home.  We built a kitchen with a mini-oven and a microwave built in to the curved modular overhead units and added a compact fridge under the draining board.  A complete kitchen in just 8 inches!

caravan kitchen.jpg


Jane had created a delicatessen with cafe attached, and needed a kitchen area to serve the cafe.  Again this needed to reflect contemporary demands for clinical surfaces in food-preparation areas, so we created a kitchen with both cabinets and worksurfaces  in aluminium, and Jane added the tiled surround that "lifts" the whole design - and the food that looks good enough to eat! 



We have also created the kitchen for a museum project - as we all know, the tea room  now forms an integral part of any visit to a museum, and a museum can offer the perfect solution to the problem of all those "must-have" items collected at various fairs, but which don't really fit in anywhere else!

Another ELF client created a roombox featuring a pair of well-known TV cooks preparing dishes for the camera - and ELF supplied a large island unit, perfect as a work-station, and with plenty of space around the island for the cameramen to do their work!

Free your imagination - and let ELF help you to realise your dream.  If you have an unusual project in mind, and would like help, please contact us using the link at the top of the page.