We make high quality MODERN dolls house furniture, accessories and kits, specialising in fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.  In addition to our own exclusive furniture, we stock a wide range of modern miniatures, including replica designer chairs, and a range of vehicles.  

GOOD NEWS!  We are expecting stocks of some of the original REAC replica 20th Century designer chairs, which should be in stock this week.  Check out the details here.

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holly.jpgWondering what to give your miniaturist friends for Christmas?  ELF Xmas Vouchers are the perfect gift - and you might drop hints to your family and friends who are wondering what you'd like for Christmas! They can be used against any ELF purchases throughout the next year.  For full details see here     

Clicking on a main category will open up sub-categories. If you are viewing on a mobile/cellphone, choose the main category from the menu, then click on Menu again to access the sub-categories.  Clicking on the links highlighted in orange in the text will open a brochure or information sheet (usually in a new window or tab)with further details.  Clicking on a small photograph will bring up a larger image and in many cases further images.

 All products are 1/12th scale except those in the following specific categories:   1/6th (playscale), 1:16 scale (suitable for Triang and the new   "Emerson" by Brinda Dada, or the new  Minimii houses) and 1/24th (1/2"), all of which are in separate categories - see left. 

IMPORTANT: If you write to us, and do not receive a reply, please check your spam box, but then write again, and include your telephone number or include an alternative email address. We ALWAYS reply to emails, but some emails do go astray, or are filtered out by spam monitors. In this event, if you wish, we will ring you, even if you do not live in the UK.  

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